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Welcome to Holtzhausen Clocks & Music Boxes!

Holtzhausen is Trade Associate no 21547 and South African Representative of the British Horological Institute. Holtzhausen initiated and co-ordinates the grading of all interested South African clock and watch makers. The BHI publishes the world's oldest scientific journal on a monthly basis. The Horological Journal is filled with articles and discussions on horology.

Professional and Trade membership signifies that we are graded in terms of:
  • Depth of knowledge.
  • A review of our competences of practice.
  • Adherence to a code of ethics.
  • Commitment to pursuing a high standard of client service.
We are also a member of the National Antiques and Decorative Arts Association in South Africa.
These memberships, all in good standing, signify that we attain best practice daily.
The unique contribution of Holtzhausen can be found in the Artistic Spirit of our styling, the added value you will find in the character of our clocks, the process of selecting and owning an African exotic or rare hardwood clock and the way our clocks are made by hand at the rate of 4 clocks a month.


We at Holtzhausen have been developing our distinctive styles over the past 40 years. We know you don’t want a soulless reproduction, so we won’t offer you any in the Holtzhausen range. At Holtzhausen we are aware that life is cyclical, with history repeating itself. Mindful of this fact we humbly stand on the shoulders of great clockmakers and our desire is to continue this tradition. Yet as artists, our single focus in this our soul work, is to create individual works of art, anew, today, in this moment each clock spirited in its integrity-fit for any collection.

Character worth collecting

Today, the sole purpose of a clock is not one of functionality and decoration alone. We need clocks, not only to tell us the time or fill a space against a wall, but more importantly to root us in ritual and in history. Therefore a clock has to come with a story, lending character to its presence. A Holtzhausen clock will do this and more, it will import a sense of mystery, evoking wonder and dialogue.

We at Holtzhausen see "clocks like mountains, as icons of beauty, witnessing the passage of time". You will find that all our clocks are named after well known mountain ranges and peaks.

Your clock will become a unique feature in your home and a focal point around which your day to day life turns.

Your clock will become a spindle of your circle of relationships whether you live with your cat, your partner or your family. As your household treasures this item, so will it be cherished after you by generations to come. So when you choose a clock, you want it to transcend the boundaries of time, trend and fashion. You want it to be something special. It makes sense therefore to consider purchasing a Holtzhausen clock which not only speaks of tradition in its German mechanism, but also has a unique handcrafted cabinet made from exotic hardwood especially for you.

We make any clock in the wood type of YOUR choice.

Exotic and Rare Hardwoods: You will start your clock’s life by choosing which of our rare hardwoods you would like our cabinet makers to craft into a clock case for you. Although we work in most wood types, our specialty is rare and exotic timbers. What better form is there for the preservation of legally obtained rare/exotic cut wood than to be immortalized in the timeless beauty of a clock that surpasses trends? See below how and where we obtain the wood. Please see what wood types we offer and choose one of these or request a timber we have not mentioned and we will see if we can source it.