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Welcome to Holtzhausen Clocks & Music Boxes!

Handmade Clock Manufacturing Process

Our hands make clock cases

  • A Holtzhausen cabinet is not mass produced.
  • Our maximum output is 4 clocks a month.
  • Each style and wood type combination is limited to a maximum of 50 cases.
  • A certificate on the back of the clock certifies the number, date of manufacturing and woodtype.

How our clocks are manufactured

  • Once the wood is selected in our traditional workshop, a masterpiece is created by our two cabinetmakers making one clock at a time.
  • Tinie and Harold carefully position and balance the hues and grain fully displaying the beauty of the wood on the table.
  • Hereafter the wood, held by hand, is cut and planed.
  • The columns are hand turned on a laith.
  • The crown and other contours are cut on a figure saw and router, again held by hand.
  • The sanding and assembly of the different parts of the case are done by hand.
  • The back of you clock, again the very same grade and type as the rest of your clock, is positioned into its grooves, forming floating panels. This ensures that the solid wood’s movement will not affect the tone of your chimes.
  • The beveling of the glass, if requested, is done by hand by an Italian family in Cape Town.
  • The installation of the glass with hand cut wooden beads (the same timber as the rest of the case) is done by hand.
  • The mechanical German movement of your choice is checked and installed by either Herman, Tinie or Harold.

The process described above takes 5 to7 days of intensive work, limiting our production to 40 proud clocks a year. During these days of manufacturing your clock it is our sole focus and our souls’ focus. Each one tells a story of its own. We love what we do!