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Pre-owned Clocks

Pre-owned or pre-loved clocks for sale by Holtzhausen is a lively clock category. A quality clock is made to last a few hundred years and never becomes second hand as it is timeless. This clock characteristic sets it apart from most other products on the market today. One may say that luxury jewellery, good art and furniture are also timeless. Yes, but does the function of these artifacts depend on a mechanism? Normally not. So imagine then the accuracy and strength of a movement that runs day and night year in and year out. Why is is clock made with such care and precision and longevity when everything else is made to fall apart so the wheel of consumerism can turn? Simply because that is the innate nature of a quality clock and clock collectors have come to expect just that. This is why clocks are so unique as a purchase and investment. A clock enthusiast will look with great discernment to see if a pre-owned clock is in good order with a possible investment value. We hope to point both the clock buyer and seller in the right direction to facilitate a good deal for all. Feel free to contact us if you want to sell your clock or are looking to purchase a pre-owned clock. As all antique clocks are pre-owned (!) we will limit the pre-owned clock section to clocks younger than a 100 years.

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