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Clock Care and Maintenance

Holtzhausen Limited Edition handmade clocks:
Highly polished cabinets need only to be dusted.

Matt finished and oiled cabinets need to be oiled with WOODOC deep penetrating wax or a similar product once every second month. Oiled cabinets require oil more often at the outset, as much as once a week for the first two months. The back and inside of these clocks also need oil once a year.

Avoid skin contact with the dial, weights and pendulum as much as possible, as the acidity of our skins effect the anodized brass aluminium. It may be dusted with a soft cloth whenever necessary or to remove finger prints. Never apply any chemicals or fluids to the surface.

The mechanism requires a service every 5-7 years. We will put you in contact with a reputable clockmaker in your area for such a service. Never oil the mechanism yourself.