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Retirement gifts men

In my last post I discussed the idea of considering purchasing clocks as retirement gifts men.  I also discussed setting the balance – a skill that any clock owner will have to master if he is going to fully enjoy their new acquisition which was given to them as retirement gift for men. If these purchases were made in South Africa, they were no doubt found at .

Retirement gifts men

Retirement gifts men

In this post I am going to discuss another aspect of owning a fully mechanical clock, that of how to set the time.  It sounds easy! Surely you just wind the hands on?  If you were considering a quartz clock as Retirement gifts men, then yes, it is as simple as moving the hands on until they reflect the correct time.

If you are the proud recipient of a fully mechanical clock however,  that was bought for you as a Retirement gifts men, you will need to know a couple more things than that. Firstly, it is important that you always move the minute hand on in a clock-wise direction only.  The hour hand you can move backwards, but if you moved the minute hand backwards you can damaging the gears of the clock.

Secondly, when you do move the minute hand on, it is important that you silence the chimes of the clock first.  If you don’t do this, the mechanism cannot keep up with the speed with which you move the clock on, and you will scramble the chimes. You can silence the chimes by activating the “silent” lever, which is normally on the right hand side of the clock, either on the clock face itself, or on a lever on the right hand side just under the mechanism.

If you cannot find the silence lever, then still move the minute hand on, but this time make sure that you stop every 15 minutes to allow the clock to chime, before you move it clock wise again.  This obviously is a time consuming process, and only worth doing if you only need to move the time on an hour or so.  If you need to move the time on 2-12 hours, then it is obviously worthwhile finding the silence lever first.

The other thing you need to know about setting the time, is that sometimes you find your clock in a strange situation where the clock may chime 3 o’clock, but the hands show 4 o’clock.  This can freak out any clock owner who believes in the supernatural, but I need to reassure you it is the easiest problem to solve.  All that you need to do is to move the hour hand back to the time that the clock chimed (so in this case 3 o’clock) and then silence the clock and move the time forwards to the actual time (in this case 4 o’clock).  Remember, that if you don’t want to silence the clock, and if it is just an hour you have to move it, you must simply stop at each quarter and allow the clock to chime.

In my next blog, I will look at how to slow the time down, or speed it up, if you are the proud recipient of a fully mechanical clock given to you as a retirement gift for men.