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Rand Easter Show Grandfather Clocks

Many families associate the Rand Easter Show with, amongst other things, a forest of grandfather clocks.  If the Music and the announcements paused for a second, anyone walking through Hall 5 would hear the chiming of not one, but many Rand Easter Show Grandfather Clocks at the Tick Tock Time stand.  To see that forest of clocks online now please visit where you will also find a selection of wall and mantelpiece clocks, as well as fully mechanical Swiss imported music boxes and German cuckoo clocks.  We are advising the public early, that we will not be at the Rand Easter show this year, but we invite you to come and visit us and our clocks in our showroom in Johannesburg.

Rand Easter  Show Grandfather Clocks Rand Easter Show Grandfather Clocks

Rand Easter Show Grandfather Clocks was a stand run by the Holtzhausen Family.  The business was started in 1974 by Nic Holtzhausen, and many years later in 1998 his son, Herman took over the family concern and continued exhibiting not only at the Rand Easter Show, but all over the country.  Herman established a national footprint for the clocks.  There is hardly a city he can drive through, without pointing out to his children just how many houses in that area there are to which he has personally delivered grandfather clocks. And many of these clocks were Rand Easter Show Grandfather Clocks.

This year, as a pre-Rand Show Grandfather Clock special, we are offering our customers the chance to visit our showroom in Auckland Park where they will be able to view a top of the range Tubular Bell Grandfather clock on special at the amazing price of R95,000.  It's a clock that previously would have been seen amongst Rand Easter Show Grandfather Clocks. While this clock normally sells at R120,000, this year, because we will not be exhibiting at the Rand Show, we will be holding a flagship sale of our showroom stock.   To visit us there, phone Herman on 083 2525239 and make an appointment to come and view our Tubular Bell grandfather clocks, amongst others.

If you have an interest in smaller clocks, then contact us to view our cuckoo clocks and music boxes. While the grandfather clocks are made from a crossover of world treasures – the combination of a fully mechanical German mechanism with a cabinet crafted from rare African hardwoods, our cuckoo clocks and music boxes are full imports coming from Germany and Switzerland respectively.

The Cuckoo Clocks are a new addition to the family business, made popular when we exhibited Rand Show Grandfather clocks.  The occasionally cuckoo clock on the wall always drew the attention of families who would chat to us in the stand while waiting for the cuckoo to pop out from behind the doors and call.  The interest  shown by the public lead us to import more cuckoo clocks which you can also come and see in the quietness and privacy of our showroom. Phone Herman on 011-678 7722 to make an appointment – we look forward to receiving you!