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Men's gift ideas

I don’t know about you, but whenever Christmas comes around the one person I struggle to buy a present for is my father.   This is partly because my father is a very easy-going person, with very few unmet wants and needs. 

Men's gift ideas Men's gift ideas

Men's gift ideas aren't top of his agenda. Like many men, he is the sort of person who simply goes out and buys himself whatever he needs, and with those needs being limited, he does not expect anything from family members and children when it comes to his birthday or Christmas. He is very low on needed Men's Gift ideas.  If he needs golf balls, he buys them.  If he needs shirts, he buys them from the golf shop. If he needs a golf cart, he makes one.  He is not one for after shaves, socks, books (he preferred the local library to actually owning the books themselves) or gardening.  So as a family, we are severely limited in terms of what we can buy for him in the men’s gift ideas department.  He would think differently however, if he were to look at

The one thing I always find worked was biltong.  And as a result, he got a lot of that over the years.  But after a while, and particularly as my earning power has improved over the decades, it feels rather paltry to only be buying my one and only father a packet of biltong for every single Christmas.

Something I didn’t think of until this year, was the idea of something mechanical.  My father has already made his own grandfather clock, from wood that he chose himself and encased around a top quality German mechanism, so I knew not to look in that direction.  But looking around on websites, I realised that the idea of mechanical music goes much further than that of clocks.  Once you start thinking “mechanical music” a whole world of automaton opens up, and brings with it a sense of timelessness, perfection and precision.  Mechanical music gifts and boxes are ideal for men who have everything they need, and who make everything they possibly can.

And maybe that is the joy of a mechanical music box, or any size or sort.  The fact that the average South African man who comes from an era where he made everything, knows that a music box outwits him.  He cannot make this.  It’s handcrafted, but unlike a golf cart, he cannot make it himself.  And because he cannot make it himself, he will never cease to wonder at it.  Every time he winds it up and listens to that amazing mechanical melody, he will think about all the gears and cogs and cylinders inside that inlayed box, and he will marvel at the technology that made that happen.  Because, the lathe down in the garage does give him an inkling of what it is about.  He knows how he would start making such an item, but he knows that he couldn’t finish it.  And because it is greater than him and his needs and abilities, it will charm him for the rest of his life.  It's a Men's gift ideas he hasn't thought of!

And if this man is anything like my father, he will also enjoy every opportunity at every dinner party or family occasion, to charm all his guests with this mechanical wonder. So whether it is a small incense holder with a music box in it, or a stand alone music box valued at half a million rand, he will love nothing more than winding it up and lifting the lid, allowing it to play its melody to all his friends and family. It's great for Men's gift ideas.