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Howard Miller Urban Floor 660-125 Clock

Available online at the best price in the UK, visit or contact us for an up to date price on the Howard Miller Urban Floor 660-125 Clock.

Imported from the biggest clock manufacturer in the USA, the clock will be delivered to your door and into the room of your choice.  Set up is easy, just follow the instructions and it will soon be chiming in your home.

Howard Miller Floor Clock 660-125 Howard Miller Floor Clock 660-125

Buying a clock is a once in a lifetime purchase, and this Howard Miller Urban Floor 660-125 is a choice for the modern home.  Freed from the traditional curved solid wood designs of a traditional clock, this one escape into simplicity, and finds its home there. As perhaps, you have found your home away from the interior decor history that can sometimes be heavy, of the previous generation.

This clock will seal your deal as a free flying unencumbered lover of Zen and modernity. Simple, contemporary and elegant in design.  Nickel finished molding. Crisp, white dial. Nickel finished bezel and simply-styled hour markers and hands. Cable-driven, Westminster chime Kieninger movement with automatic nighttime chime shut-off option. Finished in Black Satin on select materials, hardwoods and veneers.

What more could you want in clock for your simple unencumbered home, where you are free to breath, away from the world?

If you like minimalism, are considered by your friends to be fussy about neatness and cleanliness, and are in the market for a classy clock, then the Howard Miller Urban Floor 660-125 is the clock for you.  For an up to date price, and the cheapest in the UK, see or contact us, for details.

And in the meantime, dream on. It could be yours.