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Grandfather Clocks Sale March 2014

What’s happening at Holtzhausen in March 2014? For our full range of grandfather clocks see our website but if you want to know what’s happening in terms of top Grandfather Clock sale March 2014, then stay with me on this blog.

Grandfather Clocks Sale March 2014 Grandfather Clocks Sale March 2014

A most unusual 9 Tubular Bell grandfather clock is available in our showroom at the fantastic price of R95,000.  These 9 Tubular Bells grandfather clocks normally sell for R120,000 but because this one is showroom stock we are offering it to an enthusiast at R95,000 for our Grandfather Clocks Sale March 2014. The cabinet of the clock is as pictured here to the left, but the mechanism is the top of the range, and the woodtype...

Regarding the woodtype, the Grandfather Clocks Sale March 2014 is offering this clock made in Tambotie wood – Tambotie wood is one of Africa’s hardest and most rare wood types.  Because it is such a hard wood, it is harvested naturally and not grown in plantations.  It is considered one of the most treasured woods to start a fire with, as it will keep burning for many hours longer than any other type of wood.

The crown of the clock is shaped in the traditional swan neck that will blend in with most classic furniture.

The mechanism plays the traditional three melodies: The Westminster, The Whittington and The St.Michaels.  It also sports a night shut-off for people who will be disturbed at night by a chiming clock.

If you are interested in our clocks, but not ready to commit to a purchase of this size, then please visit our websites to have a look at the other clocks in our range. Grandfather clocks start at R34,000 and go right up to the Tubular Bell Flagship clock at R120,000.  We also stock a range of cuckoo clocks as well as a selection of the best Swiss music boxes.  In our showroom in Auckland park we have a selection of complete clocks, but if none of those suit you requirements then you are welcome to have your clock made to order.