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Please feel free to contact us for clock service, repairs and restorations in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Centurion, Tswane and the greater Gauteng on 0832525239 or 011 6787722.


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We have been taking in clocks for service, restorations and repairs since 1974, adhering to the Code of Practice of our registering Institute .

Holtzhausen serves as the representative of the British Horological Institute in South Africa. The Institute's magazine, 'The Horological Journal (HJ) is the oldest continuously published technical journal in the world. First published in September 1858 it has appeared monthly ever since – without fail.' BHI Website.

Clock service essentials

Frequency and cost

A clock requires a service once every 5 -7 years. Compare this to an automobile that runs only a few hours a day and requires a service every year the marvel of clockmaking starts unfolding. Over a 10-year period a clock's maintenance will cost you 5% of an average vehicle's cost. Add to this that a good clock increases in value once it has reached 40 years of age, the little invest in time and money to maintain it becomes negligible.

Workshop or at your home

After having discussed your clock's condition, ailments and approximate cost of service, Herman will book an appointment to collect it from your home. You are welcome to bring it to us too.  Many customers have had bad experiences with fly by night operations where clocks went missing or parts were replaced with older parts from other salvaged movements. This leads to clock owners wanting their clocks serviced on their properties. It is possible to trouble shoot at your premises and make minor adjustments to the clock movement. We can even lubricate it in your lounge. Servicing requires that we take your movement with us though.

The reason for this is that we have to dismantle a clock movement to a level where each part is spread out on the bench. We then clean the wheels and plates, rebush where needed, reassemble and lubricate. Running the clock through its full 8-day cycle at least once after the service is an integral part of a good service. In fact, without that, your guarantee is not worth the paper it was written on.

Therefore it is of utmost importance that you select your clock service agent with great care.