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  • Bari Reuge Music Box

    Bari Reuge Music Box for sale Bari Reuge Music Box for sale

    Reuge is a Swiss manufacturer of high end Music Boxes. This company started manufacturing in 1865 and is the oldest music box manufacturer globally.

    Reuge Music Boxes are exclusive gifts to a select small market, establishing it as the hallmark of accomplishment.

    The Bari represents the top of the range with 8 interchangeable scroll, playing 32 melodies on tooth and comb; butterflies, bells and drums.


    The investment value of a Reuge and then specifically the limited editions is firmly established. Bari is limited to 12 editions.

    Holtzhausen serves as sole agent of Reuge in South Africa and Namibia. We import any Reuge product to order if we don't have it in stock.

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