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Monthly Archives: April 2014

  • Luxury Wall clocks: Kieninger 2591-56-01


    Luxury Wall clocks come in varying styles. This Kieninger 2591-56-01 wall clock is a Regulator with full Westminster melody. The dial is genuine enamel and the hands are milled and in Breguet style. The 8-day movement also features second indication.

    This Wall clock case is Rosewood veneer. A small drawer houses the winding key. The pediment is finely decorated, have a look.

    In true Regulator style this wall clock has a compensation pendulum in bi-color.

    This luxury wall clock comes in a triplet with a mantel clock and grandfather clock made in the same style. Any one of the three clocks can be bought seperately.

    Please contact Holtzhausen at to order. Holtzhausen has been in the clock industry since 1974. We only deal in top end luxury clocks and music boxes. Kieninger is the world's oldest existing clock brand. The factory in Aldingen Germany has gone through many transformations. Nowadays Kieninger is known for exquisite luxury clocks as well as mould breaking avante garde styles in wall clocks and grandfather clocks to accentuate the style of the most discerning modern dwelling.

  • Wall Clocks: Kieninger 2547-22-01

    wall clocks-2547-22-01-Kieninger

    Wall clocks: 2547-22-01-Kieninger

    The Kieninger 2547-22-01 wall clock, fully imported from Germany, pictured in dark Walnut is an exceptional example of today's high end wall clocks or Regulators for sale by Holtzhausen as sole agents of Kieninger Wall clocks in South Africa.

    The Kieninger mechanical movement is the PS060 which strikes on a spiral gong on the half hour and a passing strike on the hour. This wall clock has an easy to operate night shut off lever. The pendulum is a high precision compensation grid pendulum. The silver plated multifunctional dial comes with etched rhombic decorations, applied diamond turned chapter rings, second indication, day, date, month and a moon phase. The hands are blue steel. All visible accessories in these Wall clocks are chrome plated and all glass are beveled crystal glass. See the fine polished stainless steel accent in the base. This wall clock Kieninger 2547-22-01  is a member of a group of meticulously crafted, elegant time pieces. There are two other products to this group, a mantel and a long case clock, all in dark walnut with fine polished stainless steel accents in pediment and base. These wall clocks are also available in black satin piano finish.


    95 x 27 x 16 cm

    Please contact Holtzhausen for more info.

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