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Monthly Archives: March 2014

  • Rand Easter Show Grandfather Clocks

    Many families associate the Rand Easter Show with, amongst other things, a forest of grandfather clocks.  If the Music and the announcements paused for a second, anyone walking through Hall 5 would hear the chiming of not one, but many Rand Easter Show Grandfather Clocks at the Tick Tock Time stand.  To see that forest of clocks online now please visit where you will also find a selection of wall and mantelpiece clocks, as well as fully mechanical Swiss imported music boxes and German cuckoo clocks.  We are advising the public early, that we will not be at the Rand Easter show this year, but we invite you to come and visit us and our clocks in our showroom in Johannesburg.

    Rand Easter  Show Grandfather Clocks Rand Easter Show Grandfather Clocks

    Rand Easter Show Grandfather Clocks was a stand run by the Holtzhausen Family.  The business was started in 1974 by Nic Holtzhausen, and many years later in 1998 his son, Herman took over the family concern and continued exhibiting not only at the Rand Easter Show, but all over the country.  Herman established a national footprint for the clocks.  There is hardly a city he can drive through, without pointing out to his children just how many houses in that area there are to which he has personally delivered grandfather clocks. And many of these clocks were Rand Easter Show Grandfather Clocks.

    This year, as a pre-Rand Show Grandfather Clock special, we are offering our customers the chance to visit our showroom in Auckland Park where they will be able to view a top of the range Tubular Bell Grandfather clock on special at the amazing price of R95,000.  It's a clock that previously would have been seen amongst Rand Easter Show Grandfather Clocks. While this clock normally sells at R120,000, this year, because we will not be exhibiting at the Rand Show, we will be holding a flagship sale of our showroom stock.   To visit us there, phone Herman on 083 2525239 and make an appointment to come and view our Tubular Bell grandfather clocks, amongst others.

    If you have an interest in smaller clocks, then contact us to view our cuckoo clocks and music boxes. While the grandfather clocks are made from a crossover of world treasures – the combination of a fully mechanical German mechanism with a cabinet crafted from rare African hardwoods, our cuckoo clocks and music boxes are full imports coming from Germany and Switzerland respectively.

    The Cuckoo Clocks are a new addition to the family business, made popular when we exhibited Rand Show Grandfather clocks.  The occasionally cuckoo clock on the wall always drew the attention of families who would chat to us in the stand while waiting for the cuckoo to pop out from behind the doors and call.  The interest  shown by the public lead us to import more cuckoo clocks which you can also come and see in the quietness and privacy of our showroom. Phone Herman on 011-678 7722 to make an appointment – we look forward to receiving you!

  • Howard Miller Urban Floor 660-125 Clock

    Available online at the best price in the UK, visit or contact us for an up to date price on the Howard Miller Urban Floor 660-125 Clock.

    Imported from the biggest clock manufacturer in the USA, the clock will be delivered to your door and into the room of your choice.  Set up is easy, just follow the instructions and it will soon be chiming in your home.

    Howard Miller Floor Clock 660-125 Howard Miller Floor Clock 660-125

    Buying a clock is a once in a lifetime purchase, and this Howard Miller Urban Floor 660-125 is a choice for the modern home.  Freed from the traditional curved solid wood designs of a traditional clock, this one escape into simplicity, and finds its home there. As perhaps, you have found your home away from the interior decor history that can sometimes be heavy, of the previous generation.

    This clock will seal your deal as a free flying unencumbered lover of Zen and modernity. Simple, contemporary and elegant in design.  Nickel finished molding. Crisp, white dial. Nickel finished bezel and simply-styled hour markers and hands. Cable-driven, Westminster chime Kieninger movement with automatic nighttime chime shut-off option. Finished in Black Satin on select materials, hardwoods and veneers.

    What more could you want in clock for your simple unencumbered home, where you are free to breath, away from the world?

    If you like minimalism, are considered by your friends to be fussy about neatness and cleanliness, and are in the market for a classy clock, then the Howard Miller Urban Floor 660-125 is the clock for you.  For an up to date price, and the cheapest in the UK, see or contact us, for details.

    And in the meantime, dream on. It could be yours.

  • Men's gift ideas

    I don’t know about you, but whenever Christmas comes around the one person I struggle to buy a present for is my father.   This is partly because my father is a very easy-going person, with very few unmet wants and needs. 

    Men's gift ideas Men's gift ideas

    Men's gift ideas aren't top of his agenda. Like many men, he is the sort of person who simply goes out and buys himself whatever he needs, and with those needs being limited, he does not expect anything from family members and children when it comes to his birthday or Christmas. He is very low on needed Men's Gift ideas.  If he needs golf balls, he buys them.  If he needs shirts, he buys them from the golf shop. If he needs a golf cart, he makes one.  He is not one for after shaves, socks, books (he preferred the local library to actually owning the books themselves) or gardening.  So as a family, we are severely limited in terms of what we can buy for him in the men’s gift ideas department.  He would think differently however, if he were to look at

    The one thing I always find worked was biltong.  And as a result, he got a lot of that over the years.  But after a while, and particularly as my earning power has improved over the decades, it feels rather paltry to only be buying my one and only father a packet of biltong for every single Christmas.

    Something I didn’t think of until this year, was the idea of something mechanical.  My father has already made his own grandfather clock, from wood that he chose himself and encased around a top quality German mechanism, so I knew not to look in that direction.  But looking around on websites, I realised that the idea of mechanical music goes much further than that of clocks.  Once you start thinking “mechanical music” a whole world of automaton opens up, and brings with it a sense of timelessness, perfection and precision.  Mechanical music gifts and boxes are ideal for men who have everything they need, and who make everything they possibly can.

    And maybe that is the joy of a mechanical music box, or any size or sort.  The fact that the average South African man who comes from an era where he made everything, knows that a music box outwits him.  He cannot make this.  It’s handcrafted, but unlike a golf cart, he cannot make it himself.  And because he cannot make it himself, he will never cease to wonder at it.  Every time he winds it up and listens to that amazing mechanical melody, he will think about all the gears and cogs and cylinders inside that inlayed box, and he will marvel at the technology that made that happen.  Because, the lathe down in the garage does give him an inkling of what it is about.  He knows how he would start making such an item, but he knows that he couldn’t finish it.  And because it is greater than him and his needs and abilities, it will charm him for the rest of his life.  It's a Men's gift ideas he hasn't thought of!

    And if this man is anything like my father, he will also enjoy every opportunity at every dinner party or family occasion, to charm all his guests with this mechanical wonder. So whether it is a small incense holder with a music box in it, or a stand alone music box valued at half a million rand, he will love nothing more than winding it up and lifting the lid, allowing it to play its melody to all his friends and family. It's great for Men's gift ideas.

  • Grandfather Clocks Sale March 2014

    What’s happening at Holtzhausen in March 2014? For our full range of grandfather clocks see our website but if you want to know what’s happening in terms of top Grandfather Clock sale March 2014, then stay with me on this blog.

    Grandfather Clocks Sale March 2014 Grandfather Clocks Sale March 2014

    A most unusual 9 Tubular Bell grandfather clock is available in our showroom at the fantastic price of R95,000.  These 9 Tubular Bells grandfather clocks normally sell for R120,000 but because this one is showroom stock we are offering it to an enthusiast at R95,000 for our Grandfather Clocks Sale March 2014. The cabinet of the clock is as pictured here to the left, but the mechanism is the top of the range, and the woodtype...

    Regarding the woodtype, the Grandfather Clocks Sale March 2014 is offering this clock made in Tambotie wood – Tambotie wood is one of Africa’s hardest and most rare wood types.  Because it is such a hard wood, it is harvested naturally and not grown in plantations.  It is considered one of the most treasured woods to start a fire with, as it will keep burning for many hours longer than any other type of wood.

    The crown of the clock is shaped in the traditional swan neck that will blend in with most classic furniture.

    The mechanism plays the traditional three melodies: The Westminster, The Whittington and The St.Michaels.  It also sports a night shut-off for people who will be disturbed at night by a chiming clock.

    If you are interested in our clocks, but not ready to commit to a purchase of this size, then please visit our websites to have a look at the other clocks in our range. Grandfather clocks start at R34,000 and go right up to the Tubular Bell Flagship clock at R120,000.  We also stock a range of cuckoo clocks as well as a selection of the best Swiss music boxes.  In our showroom in Auckland park we have a selection of complete clocks, but if none of those suit you requirements then you are welcome to have your clock made to order.

  • Retirement gifts men

    In my last post I discussed the idea of considering purchasing clocks as retirement gifts men.  I also discussed setting the balance – a skill that any clock owner will have to master if he is going to fully enjoy their new acquisition which was given to them as retirement gift for men. If these purchases were made in South Africa, they were no doubt found at .

    Retirement gifts men

    Retirement gifts men

    In this post I am going to discuss another aspect of owning a fully mechanical clock, that of how to set the time.  It sounds easy! Surely you just wind the hands on?  If you were considering a quartz clock as Retirement gifts men, then yes, it is as simple as moving the hands on until they reflect the correct time.

    If you are the proud recipient of a fully mechanical clock however,  that was bought for you as a Retirement gifts men, you will need to know a couple more things than that. Firstly, it is important that you always move the minute hand on in a clock-wise direction only.  The hour hand you can move backwards, but if you moved the minute hand backwards you can damaging the gears of the clock.

    Secondly, when you do move the minute hand on, it is important that you silence the chimes of the clock first.  If you don’t do this, the mechanism cannot keep up with the speed with which you move the clock on, and you will scramble the chimes. You can silence the chimes by activating the “silent” lever, which is normally on the right hand side of the clock, either on the clock face itself, or on a lever on the right hand side just under the mechanism.

    If you cannot find the silence lever, then still move the minute hand on, but this time make sure that you stop every 15 minutes to allow the clock to chime, before you move it clock wise again.  This obviously is a time consuming process, and only worth doing if you only need to move the time on an hour or so.  If you need to move the time on 2-12 hours, then it is obviously worthwhile finding the silence lever first.

    The other thing you need to know about setting the time, is that sometimes you find your clock in a strange situation where the clock may chime 3 o’clock, but the hands show 4 o’clock.  This can freak out any clock owner who believes in the supernatural, but I need to reassure you it is the easiest problem to solve.  All that you need to do is to move the hour hand back to the time that the clock chimed (so in this case 3 o’clock) and then silence the clock and move the time forwards to the actual time (in this case 4 o’clock).  Remember, that if you don’t want to silence the clock, and if it is just an hour you have to move it, you must simply stop at each quarter and allow the clock to chime.

    In my next blog, I will look at how to slow the time down, or speed it up, if you are the proud recipient of a fully mechanical clock given to you as a retirement gift for men.

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