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  • Grandfatherclocks Johannesburg, shopping capital

    Grandfatherclocks Johannesburg - we offer Grandfatherclocks and Music Boxes for sale online and in our showroom in Auckland Park, Johannesburg. Please don't hesitate contacting us to make an appointment to visit our showroom. As we know, Johannesburg is the City of Gold - business and shopping capital of Africa. So when one is in the market for the best the clock and music box world has to offer, where will one go? A romantic tourist destination or the city where demand and good taste ensure that only the best is good enough?

    Grandfatherclocks Johannesburg

    Grandfatherclocks Johannesburg

    Holtzhausen was established in 1974. Our grandfatherclocks include the handmade Limited Editions, Kieninger grandfather clocks and Howard Miller grandfatherclocks.

    We also offer antique clocks for sale in Johannesburg  which we source country and worldwide. The selection of antique grandfatherclocks (or long case clocks) in our showroom amount on average to 15 clocks.

    We are Members of the National Antique and Decorative Arts Association and the British Horological Institute.

    If you don't find a clock to your taste on our website you are most welcome to contact us and ask to see more. We have online catalogues available of the latest design in grandfatherclocks available in Johannesburg which we can forward you.


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