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Why Buy Online?

Remember we do have a clock showroom in Auckland Park, Johannesburg and you're welcome to visit by appointment.

Your Comfort, Your Time

 In the comfort of your own space, be it at home, at the office or on holiday, you can visit us in the middle of the night with a cup of hot chocolate or at dawn before the cock crows. You can be dressed as you like and you can take your time. Nobody will ask you “are you looking for something special today?” You may compare, ask questions and fall in love with a clock. You are Welcome, Take your Time, Make yourself at Home - its that simple.

 Your Safety

 No big malls or slippery country roads to travel on, you can’t lose your way. You are safe here; you have found the home of good looking clocks and exceptional service.

 Your Money

 After 40 years in business Tick Tock Time runs a tight ship ensuring that the supply chain to you is secure and cost effective.

 By visiting our online clock shop you will find optimum value for your money. We offer you an interesting range of beautiful clocks without paying High Street shop rental. This reduces our overheads. Our saving saves you money.

This enables us to do what we love most: immortalizing rare and exotic timber everyday, to order, and supplying internationally known clock brands to clock lovers.