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Catalogue of Grandfather clocks, Long case clocks, Wall clocks, Mantel clocks, Cuckoo clocks, Pre-owned clocks and Clock movements


Catalogue of Swiss Reuge Music Boxes for sale in South Africa

Grandfather Clock Stellenboschberg in Stinkwood
Grandfather clock Howard Miller 611-015 Veronica
Grandfather clock 9 Tubular Kammanassieberg
Hermle 451 movement
Wall clock Regulator Kieninger 2547-22-01
Big Cuckoo clock Eagle
Music Box Orient Express AXA.72.6018.002
Holtzhausen Limited Edition Mantel clock
Antique clock Conyers Dunlop circa 1760
Floor clock Howard Miller 610-866 Urban Floor II
Howard Miller 611-166 Gerhard
Music Box Reuge Greenwich
Wall clock Toorberg
Miniature Music Box
Grandfather clock Howard Miller 611-031 JH Miller II
Slightly Windy Music Box
Bloukrans 9 Tubular Grandfather Clock
Collector's Long case Tidal Clock
Cuckoo clock Kissing Couple
Music Box Artemis AXA.72.8264.002
Grandfather clock Simonsberg
Grandfather clock 9 Tubular Kieninger 0126-06-01
Antique Long case clock Morpeth
Reuge Swiss Music Box Baroque
Grandfather clock 9 Tubular Kieninger 0126-02-01
Grandfather Clock Holtzhausen Anysberg
Groot Winterberghoekberg 9 Tubular Grandfather Clock
Curio Grandfather clock Howard Miller 610-939 Majestic
Cuckoo clock Big Farmhouse and yard
Singing birds
Wall Clock Kieninger 2591-56-01
Wall clock Sneeuberg in Tambotie
Floor clock Kieninger 0139-26-01
Cuckoo clock Stag
Grandfather clock Kieninger 0134-96-01
Antique Long case clock Smoult and Gilbertson
Wall clock Kieninger 2547-96-02
Elandsberg Grandfather Clock
Floor clock Howard Miller 610-900 La Rochelle
Music Box Swiss made Winch  AXA.14.8009.000
Grandfather clock Howard Miller 610-804 Greene
Music Box Reuge Bari AXA.14.8048.004
Music Box Reuge Anastasia
Cuckoo clock Owl and Bear
Grandfather clock Hexrivierberg
Reuge Pocket watch
Grandfather clock Sederberg
Howard Miller 611-158 Kristyn
Cuckoo clock Hearts
Cuckoo clock Bird
Grandfather clock Howard Miller 611-084 Ramsey
Grandfather clock Kieninger 0137-22-01
Music Box Swiss Made Dolce Vita AXA.72.8256.003
Cuckoo clock Deep Carved
Grandfather clock Paarlberg
Hermle 461 movement
Cuckoo clock Original
Howard Miller 620-249 Lawyer II
Cuckoo clock Roses
Cuckoo clock Edelweiss
Music Box Reuge Olbia AXA.14.8059.000
Grandfather clock Castle Hill
Cuckoo clock Heidi
Music Box  Reuge Mystic Forest AXA.72.8291.000
Mantel clock Kieninger 1267-96-01

Clocks and Music Boxes

Holtzhausen established in Johannesburg in 1974 is a leading Clock and Music Box specialist finding its clients amongst Africa and the world's most discerning collectors. We offer one of the widest luxury ranges of Grandfather clocks, Antique Long case clocks, Wall clocks, Cuckoo clocks and Music Boxes globally. We trade, manufacture and export to Africa and the world. Please see our online Clock and Music Box catalogues, and contact us about any clock repairs, service and restoration. You are welcome to visit our clock shop in 4th Ave Linden where we don't only sell clocks and music boxes but also receive clocks for service, repairs and restorations. We are opposite The Whippet, between 7th & 8th streets.

We offer clocks for sale in the following categories: Contemporary Grandfather clocks from our Limited Edition Handmade models to the world's leading brands - Kieninger, Hermle and Howard Miller, Antique Long case or Grandfather clocks, Wall clocks, Regulators and Cuckoo clocks, Mantel clocks, Pre-owned clocks and mechanical clock movements.

The Music Boxes we offer for sale are Swiss made by Reuge.


Grandfather Clocks

We offer the world's top quality brands in Grandfather clocks, all available for sale online. Our range includes Hermle, Holtzhausen, Howard Miller and Kieninger. The clock designs vary from the traditional long case to very modern highly polished icons of timekeeping.

Wall Clocks

Holtzhausen offers Wall Clocks and Regulators to compliment your taste in classical timepieces, whether its for the boardroom, your study or your lounge. The European trend is towards these minimalist slender horological wonders. Understated beauty in the fine detail of pinions, enamel dials and Breguet hands.

Mantel Clocks

The Mantel Clocks on this site represent a fine tradition in clockmaking, sourced from leading brands. These include 8 and 14 Day winders with many complications. These clocks run for generations, filling spaces with sounding chimes that anchor a memory.

Antique Clocks

Internationally Holtzhausen is one of a very few clock concerns that enjoy and deal in both Modern and Antique Clocks. The Antique Clocks we offer are certified as genuine antiques. In fact we prefer to offer unrestored clocks. This allows the clock enthusiast or collector the opportunity to appreciate the unmasked clock and offers a choice of the level of restoration with which she or he is comfortable.

Pre-owned Clocks

Due to our visibility and long track record we receive many calls to purchase clocks. We do our best in assisting the seller in finding a buyer for her or his clock. Sometimes we will add these modern clocks to our Pre-owned clock catalogue. If the clock is an Antique clock it will be added to the Antique Clocks category.

Cuckoo Clocks

We offer Hubert Herr's full range of Cuckoo Clocks. Hubert Herr manufactures Cuckoo Clocks in the German Black Forest. The range includes Cuckoo Clocks with music boxes, dancing figurines, hand carved animals, the "smallest cuckoo clock in the world", hand painted flowers and traditional Cuckoo Clocks. We would be delighted to show you more pictures if you would like to purchase a Cuckoo Clock.

Music Boxes

Holtzhausen serves as sole agent of Reuge Music Boxes. Reuge, established in 1865 in Switzerland, manufactures smaller Music Boxes which hold jewellery to Pocket watches with automata, Singing Birds and big Cartel Movements housed in hand inlaid table models. The way these Swiss Music Boxes make one feel, everything from the packaging to the reverberating acoustic sound and finesse of these Music Boxes make for one of the most exclusive gifts available today.